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     About Open Joint Stock Company "JSC "766 UPTK"; created under the Federal laws of 21.12.2001№ 178-FZ "On privatization of state and municipal property" from 26.12.1995 № 208-FZ "On Joint-Stock Companies", by transformation of the federal state unitary enterprise JSC "766 UPTK" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" by order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 26.08.2005 № 1124-r of the order of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management of 24.02.2005 № 66 and disposition of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management in the Moscow region from 20.12.2005 № 767 and is its legal successor.
The founder of the Company is the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management.
     JSC "766 UPTK" - a young, dynamic company. The result of the company are high-tech, knowledge-intensive products and solutions implemented in large projects on creation of new robotic systems for military purposes. The high technical and technological level of development is based on an experienced and highly qualified engineering and construction part on highly qualified team of professionals with experience in the military-industrial complex, aviation and space industry, in both developed and reasonably well equipped with experimental and production base to carry out any laboratory and field tests, including modeling of the functioning of any established system.

Main activities:
 - Development and production of weapons and military equipment;
 - Organization and implementation of construction, repair, expansion, reconstruction and modernization of the objects of defense and general-purpose industrial objects, objects of the housing sector;
 - Organization and implementation of production of certain types of building materials, structures, equipment and products;
 - Development, production and sale of modern technologies, equipment, devices, building structures and materials, consumer goods, industrial and agricultural products;
 - Organization and implementation of the design-budget activities;
 - Organization and Development of planning documentation;
 - The organization and execution of engineering surveys and studies;
 - Provision of engineering services;
 - Organizing and conducting scientific research, experimental design, and testing of the experimental work in the field of building materials and construction, engineering systems and equipment;
 - Developing, publishing, production and dissemination of scientific, technical, organizational, technical and methodological documents in the field of design and survey works;
 - Production, economic, organizational, technical, consulting, marketing, innovation, research, economic and other activities in their areas;
 - Support services in all the activities referred to in the Charter, other areas of industrial and economic activities in the manner and on terms determined by the current legislation of Russia.
 - Execution of works on repair and operation of engineering systems;
 - Execution of operation of controlled bodies of state supervision;
 - Services for legal and physical persons, individual enterprises and organizations, scientific and technical and economic development, business analysis, development of specific solutions and recommendations on a broad range of intellectual activities, technical work.

The Company has licenses for core activities, including:
1. The license of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts for the implementation of the development, production, testing, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair, recycling and sale of weapons and military equipment.
2. License of the FSB of Russia in Moscow and the Moscow region for activities related to the use of information constituting a state secret. License to engage in the development, production, testing, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair, recycling and sale of weapons and military equipment.


The license for activities related to the use of information constituting a state secret.


The certificate of conformity certifies that the quality management system, which covers the development, production, repair, installation, assembly, maintenance and sales of products meets the requirements.

Abbreviated name: JSC "766 UPTK";
CEO: Dmitry V. Ostapchuk
Phone fax: 8(495)566-57-17
E-mail: info@766uptk.com
NN / KPP: 5024076350/502401001
OGRN: 1065024000513
OKPO: 08347619