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March 16, 2015

On weapons of Russian troops comes the newest robot-sapper "Uran-6." "Kid," as it is affectionately called in the army, has already set a record for the demining of agricultural land in Chechnya and Ingushetia.
Do not miss any mines
Robot-sapper "Uran-6" was released in the company "766 UPTK." Chief designer of the robot-sapper was Andrei A. Chekulaev.

"This is - my first engineering experience. Work on the "Uran-6" was launched in September 2013, it turns out that less than a year, our car came to field trials. They were on solid rocky ground - this is the most "difficult" soil assigned to the 4 category of complexity ", - said Andrei Chekulaev in an interview to" The Star ".
The test results impressed seasoned sappers. When stated in the factory documents of error (1-2%), the robot-sapper has worked at 100% - that is, I never missed a mine. This result was not expecting anyone.




"Already, we are seeing the highest efficiency of the robotic system during the continuous cleaning of terrain. It is especially necessary in fields where small bushes grow, "- said the battalion commander Anatoly Sysoev demining.
"For 10 days, our" Little Boy "- the so-called robot in our company, cleared of UXO 40,000 square meters of land, destroying more than 20 kilograms of ammunition. While "Uranium-6" operates without breakdowns and failures. But in the army, he will certainly come complete with spare strikers, cutters and chain, "- said the chief designer of" Uranus-6. "
The complex is set demining trawls and dumps, crane, trailer and a set of ramps. By manipulating the tools available "tong tong" robotic system is able to move the stand in his way objects. His robot-sapper unit immediately and resembles a tractor and a bulldozer, and the front part of it - or hlebouborochny harvester thresher. The principle is simple - rotate the shaft chain strikers - it is the main "tool" metal sapper. They cause mechanical destruction of mines, in the case of contact with the fuse "well hold blow."

"With the explosion of the equipment deformation is minimized due to the fact that in our project provides constructive means to dissipate the kinetic energy of the explosion," - says Andrew Chekulaev.




Replaces 20 deminers
Robot-sapper equipped with four cameras, hung from different sides of the machine. They are arranged so that in the event of failure of one camera, it will replace the second, and the second may optionally be replaced third. The transmitted image appears on the operator panel, which is using the joystick controls the operation "Uranus-6."
"Some kind of special training for the operator is not required - we believe this fact is one of our greatest achievements. In the case of, say his death, cope with a very simple control mechanism would any soldier. But perhaps the most important - is the fact that in the day of our "Kid" easily substitute 20 professional deminers! And engineers - this piece goods, particularly good, "- said chief designer of the robot-sapper.
The operator product "Uranium-6" can be operated at a distance of one kilometer, and can go behind the machine - so high security provided by their work with the robot.
And in the heat and cold
According to the inventor, any comments, especially the military claims, examine "Uranium-6", did not. It was only expressed a wish to shift or swap a few keys on the remote control.
"The robot is designed to operate over a very wide temperature range - from -50 to + 50-minute degrees. Even the most high sapper is unlikely to work in such conditions. The Ministry of Defence has ordered us to several machines is not excluded and their exports to the countries affected by civil wars, and having a huge territory without Cleared until now, "says Andrew Chekulaev.

Today, "Uranium-6" is a truly unique complex. It is much better than their foreign counterparts, and is ideal for continuous cleaning of terrain from explosives. The greatest amount of work for deminers remains in Chechnya and Ingushetia. Last year, the military cleared the Southern District of explosive devices over 3 thousand hectares of farmland. Most of them are located in Chechnya.
Last year, the North Caucasus robot-sapper fulfilled 122% of the annual plan for mine clearance. Army Corps of Engineers Southern Military District this year with the help of new technology plan to demine about two thousand agricultural land in Chechnya and Ingushetia.
Author: Oleg Goryunov
Photo of "766 UPTK"


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