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June 24, 2015

International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2015" completed its work. Forum proved to be an outstanding event in the life of Russian society and the Russian Armed Forces. It was a record year both in scale and intensity of research and business and demonstration programs.
Among the leading research organizations, large defense companies, developers and manufacturers of arms of Russia "766 UPTK" headed by the Director-General participated in international military-technical forum "Army 2015" .Chetyrehdnevnaya program is envisioned as a discussion forum in the form of scientific conferences and workshops of key issues currently facing the Russian arms and participate in the specialized exhibition and dynamic pokaze.Vystavochnaya exposition of "766 UPTK" represented the military products, Within the framework of which were shown a multifunctional robotic system demining "Uranium-6" and multifunctional Extinguishing robotic system "Uran-14." Stand with product samples of "766 UPTK" on-site convention and exhibition center visited by thousands of the Forum participants and guests, foreign industrialists, and representatives of the organizational side - the Defense Ministry. The stand also attended by numerous representatives of domestic companies. Discussed issues relating to the supply of equipment Pauline import imaterialno snabzheniya.Opytnye technical experts society partners have presented comprehensive information on the entire range of products. The exposition of "766 UPTK" aroused considerable interest iuinostrannyh delegations.
During operation, all visitors to the stand were able to get a full consultation of the robotic systems, advertising and distributing video material.
Within the framework of scientific and business program of the International Military-Technical Forum "Army-2015" was held a round table on the theme: "Development directions robotic systems engineering support operations troops." The event was attended by over 60 experts and specialists representing the Office of the Chief of Engineering Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Central Scientific Research Experimental Institute of engineering troops of the Russian Defense Ministry, Chief Research and Testing Center of robotics Russian Ministry of Defense, Military Institute (engineering troops) VUNTS CB "Combined Military Academy Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ", 3 and 27 of the Central Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Research Institute SM MSTU. Bauman, the leading defense companies, including OAO "766 UPTK."
In suburban landfill Alabino the International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2015" for the spectators and specialists was held display features robotic systems demining "Uranium-6" and fire "Uran-14."
Before the spectator stands was played a tactical episode verification stretch of track for the presence of minefields with a multifunctional robotic complex clearance and fire suppression "Uranium-6" (IRTC-P), "Uran-14" (IRTC-P).
Poitogam naforume work our company has praised WSS cluster. At the award ceremony, which took place on the main stage of the Forum of "766 UPTK" was awarded the diploma of the participant, cup and a diploma in the nomination "For the dynamic display of the Forum Army 2015".
The scale of participation of "766 UPTK" in military-technical forum "Army - 2015" emphasizes the high degree of interaction and the importance of cooperation ventures with the Ministry of Defense.