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August 8, 2015

Murom took the final stage of the competition of the International pontoon ferrying units "Open Water - 2015"

   Competitions 8 August attended by more than ten thousand people, including representatives of "766 UPTK." Along with the Russian team, which was attended by soldiers from the People's Republic of China and Belarus. In the final military pontoon three countries dismantled debris and minefields paved the way for the automotive and caterpillar technique on the "legend" evacuated wounded over the river, made build 60-ton the company commander ferry and sent armor after 300 meter section water barrier to the place of its application. Competitors used reconnaissance boats, pontoon boats and parks, puteprokladchiki and other special engineering techniques. The competition was also used assault and army aircraft, tanks, armored personnel carriers, mortars with the calculations, floating conveyors, military vehicles and explosive simulation tools. At the end of the competition by a wide margin won by military engineers from Russia: they have managed to bring pontoon crossing of the Oka faster than their counterparts from Belarus and China. Winners and prize-winners of the contest were awarded with cups, medals and valuable gifts. Special prizes were given to the best military experts in specific disciplines.

*фото использовано http://vladimir.mk.ru/articles/2015/08/10/v-murome-sostoyalsya-final-mezhdunarodnogo-etapa-konkursa-pontonnoperepravochnykh-podrazdeleniy-otkrytaya-voda-2015.html