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January 27, 2015



Our correspondent Dmitry Kulko visited the teachings of modern engineering troops and looked to the future:

It seems a little bit more, and the science fiction of an era of military robots and will have nothing to write. The Royal Engineers Russian electronic colleagues get along for a long time and managed to recognize them. Well, who of sappers, people like that can go at full speed a minefield as a rookie "Uranium 6". "Steel mole" reserves the trench for safe passage squad ease "swallowing" ammunition.

He endured without a scratch. In the teeth, "Uranus" explosions capacity of 4 kilograms of TNT. It controls the machine is still a person, like the part on the computer shooters enthusiastic player. Press a button he can one kilometer from the clearance. To parse the rubble, a soldier takes a different joystick and puts on a caterpillar older brother by name - "Uran 14".

Sergey Ryzhkov operator robotic system "Uran 14": "As mined and impassable terrain units engineering troops always come first, paving the way for the entire army, sometimes with their lives. For every obstacle there will welcome, and we will stay the road will be even on Mars, the soldiers joke. "

The exercise in Nakhabino The 45th Engineering Brigade separate stands in all its glory: a few minutes grows crossing pontoon bridge that can withstand the heaviest tank, according to legend, in the forest meet and eliminate the subversive group. Each found the mine, for a change, is discharged in different ways. The two - from a distance of rockets explode ZRP-2, nicknamed "Dragon".

Barriers to pieces carries machine-ram IMR-2. She afford to break the huge debris. High snowdrifts heavyweight did not feel, however, clean urban roads so dangerous, a little to the side, and the building can be demolished.

Army Corps of Engineers have more than three hundred years of Russian army move forward. They supply field camps with electricity and water, purifying water from local reservoirs, so that even from the Moscow river to drink. It Demining field engineer troops in the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia, this year the military saved the inhabitants of Altai flood. Soon, these units should reach a new level.

Polygon as firecrackers after the new year, is littered with pieces of ammunition. What will happen if the Army Corps of Engineers did not clear the way for the main force of the army, engineers decided to show clearly, and even spectacular. Polygon is now reminiscent of the blockbuster movie set. For entertainment is not even spared the old armored vehicles, ammunition laid by them. But unlike the movie, this scene is used in real combat mines - high-explosive anti-tank and.

Cumulative charge for a distance of 10 meters burned a huge hole in the tank. But the dummy are not fortunate enough to step on a mine PMN-4.

And for this anti-BMP prepared minutes. Nine pound warhead planted under the tracks as a result of the rink, ie wheel, flew to tens of meters. According to the sappers, they must hear the explosions only at the landfill. Ideal job runs without a noise.
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